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Special Briefing… (400pm CT-Sun/02Apr2017)

Austin / Travis County and South Central Texas Weather Update #11
Prepared by UT University/Incident Meteorologist Troy Kimmel
400pm CT – Sunday / 02 April 2017

… Severe Weather Risk Ends …
… All Watches Have Expired or Have Been Cancelled …

I apologize that I’m a little late getting this out..

Rainfall averages from the weather event, based on LCRA Hydromet gauge reports and on
WSR88D Doppler weather radar storm total rainfall data, has generally been in the 0.50 to 1.50 inch
rain through the IH35 corridor counties. The heavier amounts were found on the Travis/Bastrop,
on the Travis/Hays and on the Travis/Burnet county lines as well as other parts of Bastrop
and Hays Counties. The heaviest rains in the area.. in a few cases in excess of 4.00″.. were found in
counties to our northwest along the Colorado River.

Many reports of hail and strong straight line thunderstorm winds were received since midnight.. you
can find those official NWS reports in my previous update (#10).

It looks like fairly quiet weather wise over the area over the next seven days with no threat
of rain or thunderstorms. Ahead of a fairly strong cold front due Tuesday night, we’ll see afternoon
highs on Tuesday make it into the upper 80s. A dry and stable air mass ahead of the front means that
the front will only be accompanied by a wind shift Tuesday night with daytime highs about 15 to 20
degrees cooler and overnight lows back to below average Wednesday and Wednesday night.

This is my final statement on this weather event.