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Updated 845am CDT Friday / 14 June 2013

…. Pesky Upper Level Low Pressure Area and Slim Rain Chances Continue ….
…. A Mostly Dry and Stable Weather Pattern over the Next Seven Days ….

On this Friday morning…. surface high pressure is over the southwest North Atlantic Ocean. A weakening southward moving cold front extends from Georgia into southern Mississippi then northwestward as a warm front from central Oklahoma into the central plains. Given this surface pressure pattern, surface winds are southerly across our area.

In the upper levels of the atmosphere… an upper level low pressure trough.. or line of low pressure.. is located over the northeastern USA with another upper level low pressure area in the northwestern USA. Between the two.. an upper level low pressure is over southwest Texas and it lifting north northeastward. As a result of this upper air pattern, winds over south central Texas and the Austin metro area about 18,000 feet above the ground are southeasterly 20 to 30 mph.

The pesky upper level low pressure area.. out west.. is now lifting north northeastward out of southwest Texas and has managed to become a bigger weather player locally than I ever thought it would this week. Again today, it will result again today and tomorrow in isolated to widely scattered rain showers and thunderstorms.

Overall, though, it looks dry and summer like through the weekend into next week as the upper level low finally gets out of here (finally…) and the atmosphere become more stable once again with upper level high pressure area over the southern plains acting like a “lid” on the atmosphere. Temperatures will be at or above seasonal levels over the next seven days with no rain mentioned in the forecast after the very slim chances over the next 24 hours.

The tropics also remain fairly quiet for now with no development expected over the Atlantic Ocean basin.. including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.. over the next few days.

Have a good Friday night and Saturday…
Meteorologist Troy Kimmel

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