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Updated 915am CT – Friday / 5 June 2015

.. A Dry and Stable Weather Pattern ..
.. Temperatures Continue to Slowly Rise as Ground Dries ..
.. Thunderstorm Chances Reappear Mid and Latter Part of Next Week ..

On this Friday…. a weakening stationary front continues to extend eastward from southeast Texas through southern Louisiana into the coastal areas of Mississippi and Alabama. Surface high pressure is over the northern Gulf of Mexico. A trough.. or line.. of surface low pressure extends southward from western Kansas and eastern Colorado into far west Texas and eastern New Mexico. As a result of this surface weather pattern, our local surface winds are southeasterly.

In the upper levels of the atmosphere.. a high pressure area, acting like a “lid” on the atmosphere, extends north northeastward from northern Mexico across the south central states. A trough.. or line.. of low pressure extends southward across the western coast of the USA with a stronger upper level disturbance over the southern California coastal waters another trough extending south southwestward across the eastern USA seaboard. As a result, our upper air winds at about 18,500 feet are light and variable.

Little change is seen over the next five days across our area with a dry and stable weather pattern prevailing. The upper level high pressure, as pointed out above, is acting like a “lid” on the atmosphere keeping rising motion in the atmosphere at bay.

Another factor to consider is the fact that the ground is slowly drying and that is allowing afternoon high temperatures to rise a bit. As a result, afternoon temperatures, which have been a bit cooler than seasonal averages, will warm back to near seasonal levels over the next few days.

By the middle and latter part of next week, our weather pattern will turn a little more unstable with a slim chance of afternoon or evening rain showers and thunderstorms each day Wednesday and beyond. Frequent cloud-to-ground lightning will accompany any thunderstorms that do develop.

Have a good Friday….
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