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TK’s Special Briefing….

1055pm CT – Thu / 3 April 2014

Other than a thunderstorm that has developed just south southwest of Waco and a few light rain showers
north of San Antonio… things have continued to be quiet over the area.

I’m going to delay the cold frontal movement through the area until about 3am.. after that, cooler and
more stable air will make its way into the area.

Until the front clears the area, there continues to be about a very slim probability of the redevelopment
of thunderstorms for the Austin/IH35 corridor area but I think the threat of severe weather has now

This is my last statement on this situation.

946pm CT – Thu / 3 April 2014

…. Authority / NWS Austin-San Antonio ….

The severe thunderstorm watch.. which was in effect until 1am.. has been now canceled.

Other than a few rain showers over the hill country.. things are quiet over the area now.
A cold front will sweep southeastward over the area around midnight… cooler and more stable
air will make its way into the area.

There continues to be about a 10% chance of thunderstorms until the front passes the Austin/IH35
corridor area but I think the threat of severe weather has now passed.

I will continue to monitor for the next hour or so and will send a final statement then.


let’s stay weather aware…

724pm CT – Thu/3Apr2014

Authority: NWS/Storm Prediction Center



Monitoring.. tk

240pm CT – Thu/3Apr2014

…. Authority : NWS/Storm Prediction Center ….

See link:

I’ll continue to monitor.. tk

Austin / Travis County and South Central Texas Weather Update #1
Prepared by Incident Meteorologist Troy Kimmel (
915am CT – Thursday / 3 April 2014

.. “Slight” Risk of Severe Thunderstorms Later Today into Tonight for Areas East of the IH35 Corridor …

A deepening upper level trough.. or line.. of low pressure is moving eastward from the Rockies at the same
time that (1) a dry line.. ushering in drier continental tropical air.. moves eastward out of west Texas and
(2) a cold front is moving southward from northern Oklahoma and Northwest Texas. This will combine with
an increasingly moist and unstable air mass over the south central USA and the lower Mississippi Valley
to produce severe weather today into tonight. The cold front will pass through the local Austin area by
about 10 to 11pm tonight and through the Bryan/College Station area sometime after midnight with the
threat of severe weather ending thereafter.

I still think that the chance of rain is slim today… only about a 20% chance for Austin and 30 to 40%
chances for the Bryan/College Station area.. but, much as we saw last Friday,  any thunderstorms that do
develop.. isolated as they area.. could become severe with large hail being the biggest threat mainly east
through northeast of the Austin area.

Here is the NWS/Storm Prediction Center day one outlook outlining the threats…

Let’s remain “weather aware” over the next 12 to 18 hours.. keep an eye on the sky.
Make sure your NOAA All Hazard Weather Radios are reset and ready to be alarmed in case severe
weather materializes. . I’ll continue to keep you informed.