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Friday / 08 February 2019 Update….

Austin / Travis County and South Central Texas Weather Update #1
Prepared by UT University/Incident Meteorologist Troy Kimmel
700am CT – Friday / 08 February 2019

.. Light Sleet/Ice Pellets Being Reported in Area ..
.. Surface Temperatures Remain Generally Above Freezing with Ground
Temperatures Still on the Warmer Side with 70 Degree Afternoon High Temperatures
the Last Few Days ..

It’s not a big concern at the moment, but I wanted to let you know that we’re getting
reports of light sleet/ice pellets in the area. Camp Mabry security gate personnel reported
sleet at about 650am while FAA contract weather observers at Austin Bergstrom International
Airport were reporting sleet in their weather observation during the 6am hour. The public
reported sleet in Manchaca in the 6am hour as well.

Surface temperatures are generally a few degrees above freezing, however; given that
along with a warmer ground resulting from the 70 degrees afternoon highs the last few days
as well as sunrise here in the next hour, no problems are being reported and are not expected.

Light sleet may be mixed with light rain over the next 24 hours as upper disturbances
track northeastward over the area. Roadways may become wet as the sleet melts so please
drive carefully and take your patience with you as you head to work and school.

I will continue to monitor.